New report reveals seabed mining too risky for Top End coasts

New documents received under Freedom of Information laws provide comprehensive evidence that seabed mining would have an unacceptable impact on the Top End’s unique coastal waters, culture and fishing lifestyle. 

Media Release: Polling shows Territorians want action to protect our Top End Coasts

A recent survey of people living in the Greater Darwin region found that the vast majority (74%) expect the next NT Government to do more to protect the health of our coasts.

The polling results are in - Territorians want action to protect our coasts

A recent survey of 699 residents from the Greater Darwin region, found that Territorians want action to protect our coasts this NT election. 

Message hits letterboxes

This week we sent out a letter from Top End tour guide Dave McMahon, asking Territorians to call for action to protect our Top End Coasts this NT Election.

BREAKING: The Top End’s second only marine park kicks off

Today marks the addition of the second only marine park in Territory waters. The new Limmen Bight Marine Park was welcomed by stakeholders for the benefits it will bring to the Top End's fishing, tourism and marine life.

NEWS: Darwin Harbour oil spill court proceedings delayed

Further delays for the Darwin Harbour Oil Spill court proceedings. “It’s almost fours years later and we’re yet to see justice served”. 

EVENT: Our coasts are at a crossroads

Join us for this free event and hear about our amazing Top End coasts, the threats they face, and how you can help.

Media Release: New exhibition highlights the beauty of the NT’s second Marine Park

Legendary Territory artist and explorer, Paul Arnold, is today releasing a new series of work based on the Limmen Bight region in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Media Release: Limmen Bight Marine Park’s new plan could be a win win for fishing, culture and conservation

Top End conservationists, fishers and tourism operators have today welcomed the NTGovernment’s call for public comment over the next month on how best to manage and protect the incredible cultural, recreational, commercial and ecological values of one of the Top End’s secret gems - the Limmen Bight Marine Park.

BREAKING: NT coasts have their first ever plan for protection

The Territory’s first ever plan to protect the Top End coasts is welcomed. Today the NT Government released the NT Coastal and Marine Management Strategy, delivering on one of their most important election commitments.

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