What's Special

The great outdoors is the heart of our Top End lifestyle. Nothing down south comes close to the national parks, incredible coastline and tropical seas we call home. In fact, we have some of the last healthy tropical waters on the planet - with mangroves, coral reefs and seagrasses, home to turtles, dugongs, snubfin dolphins and huge schools of reef fish.

Healthy coasts are central to our treasured Top End way of life and our fishing lifestyle. They are a tourism magnet - core to our economy and local livelihoods. A recent report that the Top End’s coasts support over 6,000 jobs and contributes $2billion annually to the economy.

The Northern Territory coastline has provided a continuous home to Indigenous communities for thousands of years and is often known as ‘saltwater country’. For saltwater people all aspects of social, cultural and economic life are intimately connected to the health of their coastal lands and seas.

NT coastal lifestyle, economy and traditional culture are all at risk if we fail to adequately manage and protect Top End coasts.