What's Special

Our Top End coasts are wild, diverse and unique.

Home to six of the world’s seven sea turtles, migrating whales, the recently-identified snubfin dolphin, the vulnerable dugong and iconic sawfish. 

Healthy coasts and rivers are central to our Top End way of life, our economic success and our culture. They underpin one of the most important economic and cultural pursuits – the Top End fishing experience.  They contribute $2billion to the Territory economy each year supporting more than 6,000 jobs and are a powerful drawcard for tourists from around the world. 

For Indigenous people all aspects of social, cultural, and economic life are intimately connected to the health of their coastal lands and seas, and must be cared for so that future generations can continue that connection.

While our coasts are mostly in good shape, they are under threat.

Many Territorians have observed that things on the water are not as good as they used to be. Mangroves are being destroyed and coral bleaching has hit our reefs. Industrial development is expanding along the coast, polluting our Harbour and damaging our fishing. Our precious rivers are under threat from proposals for industrial-scale dams, water extraction, and toxic pollution from mines.

There are proven solutions on offer that can be tailored to the Territory.

Now is our chance, as a community of proud Territorians, to shape the future for our coasts, lifestyle and economy. 

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