Media Release: NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-27

An alliance of leading environmental groups have welcomed the release of the Northern Territory Government’s NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-2027, describing it as an important step towards cleaning up the territory’s rivers and coasts. 

MEDIA RELEASE: Environment groups welcome ambitious draft NT Parks Masterplan

The Keep Top End Coasts Healthy alliance has welcomed the release of the NT Government’s draft Parks Masterplan 2052 but warns that an increase in investment is needed if its ambitious goals are to be met.

SUBMISSION: Draft NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-27

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) has done a submission on the NT Government’s strategy to create a circular economy for the Northern Territory.

NT barramundi fishery application must be rejected

The NT Commercial Barra fishery is currently looking to expand its industry and begin exporting overseas. This industry is already highly destructive, any expansion will be devastating for our NT marine life. We know this expansion would be highly destructive because the fisheries’ own data shows it poses a ‘severe’ and ‘high’ risk to several threatened, endangered and protected species. These are highly valued animals such as Sawfish, Dolphins and Turtles that will continue getting tangled in fishing nets!

SUBMISSION: NT Parks Masterplan 2022-52 Consultation Paper

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) has developed a submission to the Northern Territory Parks Masterplan 2022-52 Consultation Paper.

MEDIA RELEASE: Community come together for Top End sharks

Community come together for Top End sharks following devastating report on plight of the species.Friday 10th September 2021 The Top End’s unique position as a global “lifeboat” for some of the world’s most endangered sharks and rays fighting extinction will come under the spotlight at a special event in Darwin on Friday 10 September. Special guests Dr Peter Kyne from Charles Darwin University, Australian Marine Conservation Society shark scientist Dr Leonardo Guida and Mitch Hart from Pew Charitable Trusts, will all be giving first hand accounts of the Northern Territory's shark and sawfish species and the threats they face before a screening of Valerie Taylor - Playing With Sharks at Deckchair Cinema. The Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) event is timed just days after the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) revealed that 37.5% of the world's sharks and rays are at risk of extinction, up from 24% in 2014.  Although there are still threats and challenges in Australia, our country - and particularly the Top End with its intact coastline - is still considered a lifeboat for many species, including critically endangered sawfish and endangered river sharks. Dr Guida said: “One third of the world's sharks and rays are threatened with extinction & northern Australia is the last stronghold for species like sawfish, illustrating the urgency of strengthening protections and recovery plans for this species in national environment laws and in fishing rules. “We want to keep Top End coasts and rivers healthy for all to enjoy, and this includes the marine wildlife which help to keep it that way, and which are such a source of pride for Territorians.” At the event, Dr Kyne will explain more about his collaboration with the Malak Malak Rangers who annually undertake patrol and rescue operations to transfer trapped juvenile largetooth sawfish from shrinking billabongs and into the Daly river. Mr Hart will speak about how big cotton players are pushing to take billions of litres of water from NT floodplains, threatening rivers and their wildlife including sawfish species. The Valerie Taylor - Playing With Sharks documentary profiles the passionate conservationist, who has been putting herself on the front line for sharks for over 70 years. Doors open at 6pm, with speakers and the screening of a local short film at 6.40pm and the feature film beginning at 7pm. Event details are available here. The event is hosted by Keep Top End Coasts Healthy.

SUBMISSION: Senate Inquiry into oil and gas in the Beetaloo Basin

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) has done a submission to the Senate Inquiry into oil and gas in the Beetaloo Basin. 

SUBMISSION: Draft declaration to ban seabed mining in the NT 2021

Today we submit our own comments on the draft declaration to prohibit subsea mining in the NT, along with 271 Territorians who signed our petition in support of the ban. We commend the Gunner Government for listening to the evidence, and the people of the Northern Territory.

Vision for Territory Parks welcome

Today’s announcement for an NT Parks Masterplan has been welcomed by The Keep Top End Coasts Healthy Alliance as it provides an opportunity to turn the Territory into a leader on coasts. There is much greater potential to grow the Northern Territory’s marine and coastal tourism economy, and parks and reserves can play a key role. 


Keep Top End Coasts Healthy and the Environment Centre NT urge the Planning Commission and the Northern Territory Government to consider our recommendations and create a new vision for the Gunn Point Peninsula, taking advantage of the significant cultural and environmental values of the region.

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