Media Release: New Parks Masterplan 2023 - 2053 could be a win win for tourism, fishing and marine life

Top End conservationists, fishers and tourism operators have welcomed the release of the NT Government’s Parks Masterplan 2023 - 2053, but warn that law reform and increased investment are needed if the Plan is to deliver what Top End nature and tourism needs. The Parks Masterplan demonstrates a strong commitment to protecting our unique Top End lifestyle, built around one of the last intact tropical marine and coastal regions in the world.

Media Release: Dolphins, turtles & sawfish win crucial reprieve with NT Barramundi export licence withdrawal

MEDIA RELEASE 1 February 2023 Conservation groups have welcomed the Northern Territory Government’s decision to withdraw its application for accreditation as a Wildlife Trade Operation (WTO), which would enable the export of seafood from the Territory’s barramundi fishery.

Media Release: Top End coasts a winner with Federal investment

Top End conservationists, fishers and Traditional Owners have welcomed the Federal Government’s budget allocation to marine protection in the Northern Territory, but have warned that a greater investment is needed if we are to secure the unique cultural, conservation and fishing values of the Top End’s coasts.  

Congratulations to the new Chief Minister Natasha Fyles!

Congratulations to Natasha Fyles on your new role as Chief Minister! From the opposition benches on 24 July 2016, Natasha Fyles led Labor's announcement for a strong plan to protect NT coasts as well as deliver a strong management plan for Limmen Bight Marine Park, amongst others. This was a pivotal moment for the health of the Top End. Almost 6 years later, Minister Fyles is leading the NT Government and we are well down the path of delivering on this plan, but with more work to be done. We look forward to continuing our work with the Chief Minister and her new Cabinet for our coasts.

SUBMISSION: NT Draft Parks Masterplan 2022-52

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) has developed a submission to the Northern Territory Parks Masterplan 2022-52 community consultation. 

Media Release: NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-27

An alliance of leading environmental groups have welcomed the release of the Northern Territory Government’s NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-2027, describing it as an important step towards cleaning up the territory’s rivers and coasts. 

MEDIA RELEASE: Environment groups welcome ambitious draft NT Parks Masterplan

The Keep Top End Coasts Healthy alliance has welcomed the release of the NT Government’s draft Parks Masterplan 2052 but warns that an increase in investment is needed if its ambitious goals are to be met.

SUBMISSION: Draft NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-27

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) has done a submission on the NT Government’s strategy to create a circular economy for the Northern Territory.

NT barramundi fishery application must be rejected

The NT Commercial Barra fishery is currently looking to expand its industry and begin exporting overseas. This industry is already highly destructive, any expansion will be devastating for our NT marine life. We know this expansion would be highly destructive because the fisheries’ own data shows it poses a ‘severe’ and ‘high’ risk to several threatened, endangered and protected species. These are highly valued animals such as Sawfish, Dolphins and Turtles that will continue getting tangled in fishing nets!

SUBMISSION: NT Parks Masterplan 2022-52 Consultation Paper

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) has developed a submission to the Northern Territory Parks Masterplan 2022-52 Consultation Paper.

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