Keep our Top End coast healthy. A lifestyle worth protecting.

The Gunner Government's commitment to deliver a Coastal and Marine Management Strategy is a good first step to tackle the threats to our coast and lifestyle. 

Now the community is looking for the Government to deliver a plan it can rely on - one that secures the unique cultural, conservation and fishing values of the Top End's coast. 

There are proven solutions on offer, which must be at the heart of a plan for the Top End's coast and can be tailored to the needs of the Territory - including Sea Country Indigenous Protected Areas, national parks in the sea and recreational fishing areas. 


What's Special

The great outdoors is the heart of our Top End lifestyle. Nothing down south comes close to the national parks, incredible coastline and tropical seas we call home.

The Problems

The Territory coast is at the heart of our Top End lifestyle. But its health is under stress. Our fishing is amazing, but not as good as it used to be. Mangroves are being destroyed, pollution is damaging our beaches, and the threat of seabed mining is looming.


Bynoe Harbour Warming

Bynoe Harbour is a popular fishing destination. However, local fishing guide Graeme Williams has noticed an alarming trend - the waters are warming and this is impacting Barramundi.

A big threat to the Roper River

Right now, two of the Territory’s most precious places - the Roper River and Limmen Bight Marine Park - are at risk from the destructive impacts of this big mining.  100 tonne road trains, 8000 tonne barges, industrial ship loading facilities and 2 billion litre water extraction plans are all...

Keep our Top End coast healthy. A lifestyle worth protecting.

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