A significant milestone is approaching – on 5 March 2021 the NT Government will decide on whether to extend or lift the Moratorium on seabed mining, or to ban it permanently in the Top End.  Seabed mining, if allowed, would devastate the Top End’s unique coasts and seas, culture, livelihoods and fishing lifestyle.

Gularri - a celebration of Yolŋu gapu (water) knowledge

Sylvia Nulpinditj, Yolŋu emerging leader, a presenter for Yolŋu Radio, and traditional artist shares a story of her mother’s people’s knowledge, heritage and history of gapu (water).

Media Release: It’s time for the Chief Minister to fund his election commitment for our Coasts

In the lead up to the NT Budget, the Keep Top End Coasts Healthy alliance is calling on the NT Government to deliver on its election promise and allocate the necessary funding to implement the Plan for our Coasts.

Media Release: Seabed mining an unacceptable risk to Top End coasts

Conservation groups and tourism operators are calling for a permanent ban on seabed mining in the Top End, saying it would have an unacceptable impact on the Top End’s unique coastal waters, tourism and fishing lifestyle. 

We're hiring: NT Community Campaigner

Do you have a passion for the Top End? Is the unique coastal lifestyle of the Northern Territory important to you? Join us - we are looking for a full-time NT Community Campaigner. 

KTECH's Submission - Planning for Gunn Point Peninsula

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy has put in a submission to the NT Planning Commission on the proposed development of Gunn Peninsula and Glyde Point. 


The Keep Top End Coasts Healthy alliance congratulates Chief Minister Michael Gunner and his Territory Labor team on being returned to government and looks forward to working with them to deliver their commitment to protect our Top End coasts. 

ABC News - Harbour Health

ABC News Darwin reports on the NT Government's plan to develop a petrochemical and minerals processing industry at Middle which could further degrade Darwin Harbour's environmental health. 

Media Release: New report reveals action needed to prevent further decline of Darwin Harbour’s health

A new report finds the health of Darwin Harbour is in decline and a failure of successive governments to implement a Harbour wide plan with strategic oversight and adequate funding to protect its environmental, cultural, social and economic values. 

Media Release: All parties commit to action to protect our Top End coasts

The Keep Top End Coasts Healthy alliance has today revealed the major party commitments to protecting the coast - declaring a win for the Territory’s marine life, fishing and the Top End lifestyle.

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