Industrialisation of Darwin Harbour

Many Territorians have observed that things on the water are not as good as they used to be and in some places the fishing is in decline.

There’s been reports of our iconic dolphins leaving the Harbour. Heavy industrial areas are expanding, creating toxic pollution, destroying mangroves and impacting our fishing.

Now, new big and dirty industrial developments are proposed for the middle of the Harbour. This includes a toxic petrochemical plant, dangerous metal processing plants, and polluting gas and desalination plants covering a total of around 2,337 hectares, equivalent to 1,155 (AFL) football fields!

This industrialisation in our Harbour will destroy mangroves, pollute the harbour and increase the risk of toxic spills.

This ABC News story paints a concerning picture. Fishing Guide for over 30 years, Jason Rogers, has seen a decline in the numbers of fish they’re able to catch. He says “a lot of these big companies do damage and walk away… and we’re left with the detriment of it”.

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