ABC News - Coastal Economics - July 20, 2019

ABC Darwin reports that Top End coasts are worth almost $3 billion a year, but that revenue is in danger without a plan to protect our coasts.

EVENT: What does a changing climate mean for our coasts & fishing?

Join us at the Darwin Railway Club on Tuesday 6 August, to hear about what climate change means for Top End mangroves, coasts and marine wildlife, and our fishing lifestyle. Book your free ticket here.  

Mangrove forests could 'drown' due to sea level rise

A story featured by ABC News Darwin explains that the Top End's mangrove forests are highly vulnerable to sea level rise.   

Concern for the Roper River - ABC Country Hour

A new study into the potential for irrigated agriculture in the Roper River region, sparks concern. 

Grey nurse sharks discovered in NT waters

A population of grey nurse sharks that have been discovered just off the coast of the Tiwi Islands in Northern Territory waters. 

A decades worth of McArthur River Mine lead-zinc spills

An ABC News story featured online this week, saw former crewmen who worked on a McArthur River Mine barge, transporting lead-zinc concentrate, say that they have witnessed regular spills of the product overboard for a decade.  

Coral Bleaching in Northern Australia

Widespread coral bleaching is forecast for waters off the Northern Australia coast, due to above-average sea surface temperatures that occurred in late 2018.      

Bynoe Harbour Warming

Bynoe Harbour is a popular fishing destination. However, local fishing guide Graeme Williams has noticed an alarming trend - the waters are warming and this is impacting Barramundi.

A big threat to the Roper River

Right now, two of the Territory’s most precious places - the Roper River and Limmen Bight Marine Park - are at risk from the destructive impacts of this big mining.  100 tonne road trains, 8000 tonne barges, industrial ship loading facilities and 2 billion litre water extraction plans are all coming to the Roper River and Maria Island soon.

INPEX influence on NT Government marine programs revealed

ABC News Darwin reports that the Northern Territory's Department of Environment seeks "approval" from gas giant Inpex before it publicly releases any of its independent reports, documents, or allows their scientists to be interviewed by the media.

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