Mangrove Destruction

Mangroves are known to be resilient to impacts, but they have their limits.

In the Territory we have over a third of Australia's mangroves - protecting our coastline, filtering our waters, and providing vital nurseries for our fish stocks. 

In 2016, the Territory suffered the worst mangrove dieback event in the world which affected over 1000 kilometres of coastline. Extreme weather caused by climate change, combined with extraordinary low tides, caused the dieback. Other areas of mangrove dieback have been observed across the Territory coast.

While banned in some states,  the clearing of mangroves is still permitted here in the Northern Territory. Clearing vast areas of mangroves reduce protection against storm surges and cyclones and impacts tourism and recreational and commercial fisheries.

"The mangroves are slowly getting drowned because the sediments are accumulating slower than what the sea level is rising" says Jason Folwer in this ABC Darwin news report.

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