Darwin Harbour

The Top End and its capital city Darwin have a unique coastal lifestyle worth protecting.

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Darwin is surrounded by the waters of the Harbour, providing a beautiful backdrop to the daily lives of locals, a source of recreation and leisure, and providing healthy food in the fish and crabs caught by many fishers and their families. 

Darwin Harbour is the centrepiece for the tourist experience and facilitates the passage of many marine-based industries.

The Larrakia people are the Traditional Owners of the Darwin region and for these saltwater people, all aspects of social, cultural, and economic life are intimately connected to their coastal lands and seas.

Darwin Harbour is home to a number of nationally threatened species including dugongs, coastal dolphins, sawfish, saltwater crocodiles and three of the world’s seven species of marine turtles.

Jim Smith Sea Darwin

While our coasts are mostly in good shape, they are under threat. TAKE ACTION now, learn more of THE PROBLEMS, or scroll through more of what's special below.

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