Protect Threatened Species from Gillnets

As the leading voices for marine conservation, we, the undersigned from Keep Top End Coasts Healthy, the Environment Centre Northern Territory, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Humane Society International, are raising an urgent appeal for immediate action to safeguard the Northern Territory's precious threatened, endangered, and protected species (TEPS), including dugong, turtles, dolphins and sawfish. The onset of the 2024 barramundi season, marked by increased industry catch targets focused in fewer areas, significantly heightens the danger to the Top End’s threatened marine life. Our letter to the NT Minister for Agribusiness and Fisheries, Mark Monaghan, underscores the critical flaws in the current management strategies that fail to protect these species from the detrimental impacts of commercial gillnetting in Territory waters.

We demand urgent and meaningful action to protect our TEPS, thereby securing not only the biodiversity of our waters but also the cultural and socio-economic fabric of the Northern Territory which depends on healthy coasts. We invite the public and stakeholders to join us in advocating for a future where our Top End coasts are healthy and are rich in treasured animals including dugong, turtles, dolphins and sawfish.

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