Where the parties stand

All parties committed to implementing the Plan to safeguard our coasts, culture and fishing lifestyle.

The Territory has one of the last remaining intact tropical coastlines in the world, which underpins much of our Top End lifestyle, jobs, culture and economy. Territorians railed against the lack of management and protection of our coasts and made it a high-profile issue in the 2020 NT election. 

We wrote to all the parties asking where they stand on safeguarding our coasts and fishing lifestyle, and asking them if they will implement and fund the Territory-wide Plan to protect our coasts - the NT Coastal and Marine Management Strategy

This is where the parties stand:


In the next term of government:

  1. Implementation of the Plan to safeguard our coasts, including:

    a) The development of two regional coastal plans using spatial marine planning and the involvement of Traditional Owners, stakeholders and local communities.

    b) The necessary funds to implement the Plan: $1.2m per year recurrent ($4.8m over 4 years).

"A Country Liberal Government will implement the Coastal and Marine Management Strategy 2019-2029, updating where required, with regard to effectiveness, stakeholder and government priorities.

A CLP Government will develop two regional coastal plans using spatial marine planning and will find the necessary funds to implement the Strategy."

"Territory Alliance recognises the critical importance of protecting coastal waters for conservation, recreational and commercial interests alike.

Territory Alliance also recognises that NT coasts provide $2billion into our economy and support more than 6,000 jobs.

Territory Alliance gives a firm commitment to implement at the NT Coastal and Marine Management Plan, including the $1.2m per annum funding support."

"Territory Labor delivered on our promises and are the only party that can be trusted to protect the environment.

We developed, and are implementing the Coastal and Marine Management Strategy. We will start a number of projects that support the strategy this year and will develop and implement two regional coastal plans during a second term using spatial marine planning with Traditional Owners and stakeholders."

"Coastal areas are key to our Top End lifestyle. NT Greens commitment:
  • Implementation of The Plan and development of regional coastal plans
  • Implementing spatial planning
  • Cooperative involvement of Traditional Owners, community and industry
  • Supplying the required funds.
The commitments here are unedited direct quotes provided by the parties.

Now, Territorians want the current NT Government to deliver on its election promise and implement the Plan for our Coasts.

Take action - send a message calling on the government to get on with the job and implement the Plan to protect our Top End coasts. 

Time to implement the Plan