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I am writing to you as a constituent concerned about the impact of warming waters on Barramundi and other fish.

I’ve just seen a short film where fishing guide, Graeme Williams, who has worked Bynoe Harbour for 20 years, says he’s been seeing the water getting warmer and warmer over the years. I’m worried about what this means for Barramundi fishing in the Harbour’s shallow waters. Fishing guides that work the billabongs are saying the same thing.

To give our Barra, and the places they live, breed and feed the best fighting chance in the face of climate change they need to be as healthy as possible.

The Top End is Australia’s Barramundi capital, and the iconic big fish is high on the bucket list for anglers from around the nation.

The Gunner Government has promised a Plan to safeguard our coasts and it is being finalised now. The health of our coasts is too valuable to risk - we need this Plan to take action that properly protects our coasts.

I want my elected representatives to take this threat seriously and act. The Territory needs an effective Plan - with no further delay - that will properly protect our coasts and, in doing so, protect the Top End’s unique lifestyle, livelihoods and economy. Our Barra and Bynoe Harbour are depending on it.