Bynoe Harbour Warming

Bynoe Harbour is a popular fishing destination. However, local fishing guide Graeme Williams has noticed an alarming trend - the waters are warming and this is impacting Barramundi.

Bynoe Harbour Warming

Water temperatures have been observed to be rising at the Barramundi fishing haven of Bynoe Harbour.

“Everywhere you go these days people are saying to you the temperatures are changing… I’m saying exactly the same thing - that the water temperatures are too high... Barramundi especially react to changes in temperature.

These Barra, and the Top End coasts they depend on, need our help. For the best fighting chance in the face of climate change our coasts need to be healthy.

The Gunner Government promised a Plan to safeguard our coasts and it’s being completed soon. It’s important that they hear from you right now.

Add your name today telling the Gunner Government that the health of our coasts is too valuable to risk. 

We need a Plan which takes effective action with no further delay - that will properly protect our coasts and our Top End lifestyle, livelihoods and economy into the future. Our Barra and Bynoe Harbour are depending on it.

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