Submission Email Text

Dear Territory leaders (cc my MLA and candidates),

The Top End has a unique coastal lifestyle worth protecting. Healthy coasts and rivers are central to our Top End way of life, our economic success and our culture. They underpin one of the most important economic and cultural pursuits – the Top End fishing experience.  They contribute $2billion to the Territory economy each year supporting more than 6,000 jobs, and are a powerful drawcard for tourists from around the world. 

While our coasts are mostly in good shape, they are under threat and must be protected now and for future generations to enjoy. Many Territorians have observed that things on the water are not as good as they used to be. Mangroves are being destroyed and pollution is damaging places like Darwin Harbour. Our precious rivers face proposals for industrial-scale dams and the threat of seabed mining is looming. 

There are proven solutions on offer that can be tailored to the Territory. We have a plan for our coasts and now it’s time to put it into action

We must provide Territory style solutions like Sea Country Indigenous Protected Areas, recreational fishing opportunities, more marine parks like Limmen Bight that delivers jobs for tourism and Indigenous Rangers. Importantly, our tropical rivers must continue to flow, supporting our fishing lifestyle and helping sustain our regional economies. 

Protection of our coasts is important for me this NT election. I urge you to commit to putting the plan for our coasts into action, to help recover our Top End economy and safeguard our fishing, culture and lifestyle.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you about how you plan to deliver the protection and management that our Top End coasts deserve.