Saltwater People

The Roper River and Limmen Bight are truly precious places for recreational fishers, nature lovers and the Traditional Owners. Now, these places are under renewed threats, including from a proposed Iron Ore mine.

The Yanyuwa, Marra, Warndarrang and Nunggubuyu Traditional Owners from the area have just made a powerful statement, producing a huge canvas petition with the help of renowned artist Simon Normand. It has just been delivered to the Federal Government.

Watch their video here.

These Traditional Owners have expressed concern about threats, like this proposed mine, seabed mining and moves to reduce protection in the nearby federal marine park. In order to get the message from their very remote Country to the decision makers, Traditional Owners produced this massive canvas map and petition - 2.6m long -  and made a video to help tell their important story.

These communities have asked us to share their story. Please watch and share the video to stand with the Traditional Owners in calling for their sea country to be managed and protected for the future.

Thanks for standing up for the Roper River and Limmen Bight marine park against the threat of the proposed Iron Ore mine.