Darwin Harbour hit by further pollution

Urgent action is needed to tackle the Darwin Harbour oil spill. Following the 30 km oil spill in Darwin Harbour, our team went out on Saturday to collect these samples. We call on the Government and EPA to find out exactly what is out there.

Both the oil and the chemical dispersant, which could be more toxic, are of great concern. What is the damage? Who is responsible? And will they be accountable?!

Jacqui Taylor and our marine team were out on Darwin Harbour on Saturday morning collecting samples from the oil spill. The spill is noticeable from a distance with a translucent film covering a lengthy expanse of water within the harbour that reduces water reflection and wave activity. 


Two samples collected by Jacqui from Darwin Harbour. The bottle on the right was sampled from the shoreline at the Diana Beach Boat Ramp. The sample on the left was from the area covered by the oil spill.


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