NEWS: Darwin Harbour oil spill court proceedings delayed

Further delays for the Darwin Harbour Oil Spill court proceedings. “It’s almost fours years later and we’re yet to see justice served”. 

The NT government have been attempting to bring proceedings against Greek shipping company Ocean Shipmanagement for the 2016 oil spill in Darwin Harbour which spread across 30kms.

There are concerns from the magistrate that there is no power under current law to issue summonses to individuals or companies overseas.

KTECH's Adele Pedder was quoted in the article, and stated that: 

“The judge’s comments today indicate he has a clear understanding of the gravity of this case.

“With increased shipping and industrial activity in the harbour we unfortunately may face another such toxic spill.

“The laws have been tightened with the passage of the Marine Pollution Legislation Amendment Act through parliament last week meaning that our waters will be better protected.”

The case is now being referred to the Supreme Court following and there will be a further hearing on March 20.

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