A decades worth of McArthur River Mine lead-zinc spills

An ABC News story featured online this week, saw former crewmen who worked on a McArthur River Mine barge, transporting lead-zinc concentrate, say that they have witnessed regular spills of the product overboard for a decade.


Jason Fowler, KTECH’s Campaign Coordinator was quoted in the article, and explains that this is an “an unacceptable situation” because “lead and zinc concentrate is heavy metals — when they fall in the ocean they bioaccumulate up the food chain.” 

Watch the ABC Darwin News report. 

Read the ABC News article from Sunday December 16 here. 

Our Top End coasts and fishing lifestyle is under increasing pressures like this. We need a Plan that takes action without further delay to secure the health of our unique Top End coasts.  Ask the Gunner Government to deliver a solid strategy that can lead to strong protection and management of our Top End coasts.