Dear candidate, please support top end coasts!

Dear Fannie Bay by-election candidates (cc Ministers)

The Top End has a unique coastal lifestyle worth protecting. Healthy coasts and rivers are central to our Top End way of life, our economic success and our culture. They underpin one of the most important economic and cultural pursuits – the Top End fishing experience.  They contribute $2 billion to the Territory economy each year supporting more than 6,000 jobs, and are a powerful drawcard for tourists from around the world. 

Nowhere is this more evident than right here in the Fannie Bay electorate. From East Point reserve to the famous Mindil Beach, the Fannie Bay coast is home to nationally threatened species like dugongs and turtles, a backdrop of recreation and leisure for locals and tourists, and a source of healthy fish for many fishers and their families.  

But this beautiful electorate, much like the rest of the Top End, is under threat from climate change impacts, pollution, and proposed industrialisation in Darwin Harbour.

Fortunately, there are proven solutions on offer to keep our Top End coasts healthy. As a candidate for the Fannie Bay by-election, I call on you and your Party to:

  1. Safeguard the health of Darwin Harbour by preventing toxic industries from operating in our coastal backyard, such as the proposed Middle Arm petrochemical plastic plant;
  2. Urgently put the NT Coastal and Marine Management Strategy into action, starting with delivery of the election commitment on regional marine plans, to ensure protection for our Top End coasts and lifestyle;
  3. Listen to Territorians and ensure the NT Parks Masterplan 2022 - 52 delivers more parks across land and sea, well managed with and by Aboriginal peoples, and underpinned by strong laws.

The Fannie Bay coast is what makes this electorate so special. Protection of our Top End coasts is important for me this by-election. I urge you to commit to take these three critical actions to keep our Top End coasts healthy and safeguard our fishing, culture and lifestyle.