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The Roper River and Limmen Bight Marine Park are precious places for Territorians. These areas have outstanding natural and cultural values, offer sensational recreational fishing opportunities, and have enormous tourism potential.

However, the Roper iron ore mine proposals put all this at risk.

Tonnes and tonnes of iron ore on massive trucks, barges and ships will soon be on the move through these well-loved places. This threatens to destroy water quality, poses oil spill and pollution risk, and adds industrial pressures to these precious places. Two billion litres of water will be taken from the Roper River annually AND a 400m long dam will be built on the Hodgson River catchment, which also flows into the Roper.  

Local communities are concerned this 100% overseas owned company with no connection to the Top End will disappear as fast as they appeared, leaving behind a mess.

Our Top End coasts and fishing lifestyle is under increasing pressure. Impacts from big mining, pollution, mangrove destruction, climate change, amongst others, are on the rise. It is critical that the Gunner Government’s promised Plan to safeguard the health of our coasts, due at the year’s end, delivers what the Territory needs - a Plan that takes action without further delay to secure the unique cultural, conservation and fishing values of the Top End’s coasts.
There are proven solutions on offer, which must be at the heart of a plan like this, and can be tailored to the needs of the Territory - including seacountry Indigenous Protected Areas and recreational fishing friendly marine parks. 
With proposals like this hanging over communities and their environments right now, it is even more important that the Territory Government delivers an effective plan for a healthy future for its coasts, and the communities and jobs that rely on it.