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The Roper River, Maria Island and Limmen Bight Marine National Park are some of the Territory’s most precious places.

These areas have outstanding natural and cultural values, are popular recreational fishing spots, and have great tourism potential.

However, a new iron ore mine proposal threatens these Top End treasures.

If this mine goes ahead, massive trucks, barges and ships will be on the move. It threatens to increase water turbidity, poses oil spill and pollution risk, and adds industrial pressures to these precious places.

These top fishing spots, the marine life, the seagrass and mangroves, are being jeopardised by what appears to be a ‘cut and run’ iron ore mine proposal.

We’ve seen it before – overseas companies planning to exploit the Territory for a quick profit. Local communities are concerned this 100% overseas owned company with no connection to the Top End will disappear as fast as they appeared, leaving behind the mess.

Speaking at a recent exhibition opening about her country, Traditional Owner Grace Daniels said ”We don’t want to see any damage or pollutant coming to Port Roper and to Maria Island. This document [the proposal] was a big surprise for me. And I don’t want to see it happen. We say No for Maria Island - it’s a beautiful land”.

The Top End’s coastline is one of the Territory’s greatest natural assets and, as such, maintaining its condition and our connection with it is critical for the future of the Territory. The Roper River, Maria Island and Limmen Bight Marine National Park are some of our most precious places and should not be put at risk.