Disgraceful announcement by Environment Minister, Greg Hunt

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is outraged by the Australian Government’s decision that Port Melville marine supply base does not require an environmental impact assessment. Read our joint media release below.

While the rest of the world is protecting their oceans, both the Territory and Australian governments are full steam ahead industrialising our Top End seas.

Our Northern Territory waters are some of the last pristine waters on earth. Our marine life is extraordinary with many species of national and international significance whose range and distribution are largely limited to our healthy waters.  We have an incredibly diverse collection of sea life and habitats. Marine species are still being identified and described here in the Top End.

Port Melville marine supply base will operate to service the offshore oil and gas industry. The chance of environmental catastrophe is very high with 30 million litres of fuel sitting on the water’s edge in a cyclone prone area. A full environmental impact assessment should be the bare minimum required for such a massive scale operation.

This decision has the potential to alter the health of our pristine waters forever. It is not only our environment at risk, but also our Territory lifestyle.

Here in the Northern Territory, we need to ensure that our Top End seas and iconic places are managed sustainably. Developments of this scale require proper environmental impact assessments.

This decision clearly highlights the inadequate environmental standards of the Territory and Australian governments.

Contact your local MP and raise your concerns about this development! Call for strong protection for our marine life and way of life.

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