Breaking: Now is our chance

I'm Paul Arnold, photographer and bush explorer. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few decades exploring and photographing all corners of the Top End. There’s one common trait that has struck me about all the Territorians I meet: a shared respect and passion for our incredible Territory landscapes.

Now is our chance, as a community of proud Territorians, to shape the future we want for our coasts, culture and lifestyle. The Gunner Government is asking for your input to develop its 10 year plan for our coasts and seas. With our coasts under increasing pressure and showing signs of decline, we must act now. Please add your name to protect our Territory coasts and lifestyle.

Too many places around Australia have been changed irreparably. Even parts of the Top End have already been damaged by pollution, destructive mining practices, and introduced species. The recent shocking dieback of mangroves across the north shows how quickly change comes around.

The Gunner Government has listened to us all - the thousands of Territorians who raised their concerns, asking for them to develop a Marine and Coastal Strategy. Now we need to make sure this strategy does the job of protecting our coasts and our Territory lifestyle. Join me in adding your name today. 

Taking photos from my ultralight I see the beauty of our coastal landscapes brimming with life. Cooking the day’s catch of fish on the campfire, I think just how special and rare the Territory is. But I am worried about its future.  

This is the perfect opportunity for us to show how much we love the Top End’s coasts and seas, how much we depend on them for our lifestyle and livelihoods, and how strong our desire is to pass them on in good health to our kids and grandkids. Please add your name today and encourage friends and family to do the same. 

Paul Arnold, photographer and bush explorer

Ambassador, Keep Top End Coasts Healthy