Big news on seabed mining

BREAKING: extension of seabed mining moratorium news welcome, but only a permanent ban will protect Top End coasts and lifestyle.

Just like taking a bulldozer to the sea floor, destructive seabed mining threatens our Top End coasts and lifestyle.

It has never been allowed before in Australia, but we know that there are many locations across the Territory coast where seabed mining has already been approved or where applications to mine exist. These include the mouth of the Daly River, Limmen Bight, and the seas surrounding Galiwinku and much of the Wessel Islands. Sign the petition asking the Gunner Government to ban seabed mining for good.

Destructive seabed mining would decimate our marine life, pollute our waters, threaten our fishing and destroy sites of cultural significance.

The Gunner Government is looking at seabed mining and considering its future in the Territory. This is exactly the moment they need to hear from you. Please sign the petition today.

The NT coasts are some of the last healthy tropical waters in the world - with mangroves, coral reefs and seagrasses, home to turtles, dugongs and huge schools of fish.

These waters are also at the heart of our Top End way of life and fishing lifestyle. It’s time for a permanent ban on seabed mining in Territory waters. Please sign the petition today.

You can see the areas most at risk from seabed mining below: