Mangrove forests could 'drown' due to sea level rise

A story featured by ABC News Darwin explains that the Top End's mangrove forests are highly vulnerable to sea level rise. 


Sea level rise is happening two times faster in northern Australia than in down south, and this could prove to be detrimental to the Top End's mangrove forests.

Jason Fowler, the NT Campaign Coordinator for KTECH, explains that mangroves are at risk of drowning because sediment was accumulating slower than the rate that the sea level was rising, meaning that mangroves could run out of mud, slowly get flooded, and drown out.

Watch the ABC News story here. 

Read the ABC news article from 1 July 2019 here. 

Top End mangrove forests are more diverse than any others in Australia. We have more than 50 species of mangroves that represent 40% of the nation’s mangrove cover, that stretches 4,000 kilometres along the Territory shoreline. Our mangroves must be protected. 

Now is our chance, as a community of proud Territorians, to shape the future we want for our coasts, lifestyle and livelihoods. Ask the Gunner Government to deliver a Coastal and Marine Management Strategy, as promised at the last election. This strategy can provide enduring protection for our coasts, including mangrove forests. Sign our petition, and help Keep our Top End coasts healthy!