Seabed Mining banned in the NT

Seabed mining is like bulldozing the seafloor.

It decimates marine life, pollutes the water, threatens fishing and up here in the Top End, it would destroy places of cultural significance.

While seabed mining has never been allowed in Australia, it was proposed across the Northern Territory coast. Mining corporations were lining up to mine some of our most precious places like Fog, Anson and Blue Mud Bays, the Wessel Islands and Limmen Bight Marine Park.

The Northern Territory Government first declared a three-year temporary ban on seabed mining in March 2012, and has since extended it twice under both the Country Liberal Party (CLP) and Labor Governments. 

With the temporary ban expiring in March 2021, Territorians made it very clear that they want a permanent ban. And the NT Government listened!

On 5 February 2021 the Gunner Government announced that they would permanently ban seabed mining in the NT.

We commend the Gunner Government for listening to the evidence, and the people of the Northern Territory, and acting to ban this destructive activity. 

Keep Top End Coasts Healthy will continue to work with Traditional Owners, environment groups, commercial and recreational fishers, tourism operators and scientists to ensure this commitment is delivered. 

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