EVENT: Limmen comes to life in Paul Arnold's new exhibition

Paul Arnold’s latest aerial artwork and textile exhibition features incredible never seen before images of the iconic Roper River and Limmen Bight Region. 

Join Artist and bush explorer Paul Arnold and Keep Top End Coasts Healthy (KTECH) at this special exhibition. Gain insight into Paul’s connection to these artscapes, his inspiration, and concerns about the future of the region. Hear from KTECH’s Jason Fowler about our opportunity to safeguard it from growing threats right now through the Limmen Bight marine park development. 


When: Opening Friday 29 November. Private showing 5.30. Open to the public 7pm

Where: Paul Arnold Gallery, Shop 6/27 The Mall, Darwin City 

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“Exploring and taking photos of the Territory’s amazing landscapes is my passion, my lifestyle - and my livelihood. My travels have taken me to all corners of the Top End to photograph and I can tell you the Roper River and Limmen Bight region has a rare beauty. It is a timeless landscape but the threats are real. I don’t want my photos to become time capsules of what once was” - Paul Arnold, Artist and bush explorer. 

‘The Bight’ tells the untold story of the Limmen Bight - an extraordinarily productive corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is fueled by three big river systems; the Roper, Towns and Limmen Rivers, with wet season flooding pushing vast amounts of nutrients into the sea. This feeds huge nursery grounds for many species including prawns, barramundi and mudcrabs.

Offshore the shallow seabed is covered by rich seagrass meadows that host herds of grazing dugong and sea turtles. Two islands, Maria and Beatrice, are fringed with corals and sponges providing a rich habitat for many fish species.

These waters are home to the indigenous Marra people who have been caring for this sea country for millenia. A rich cultural history exists with many dreamtime stories and important sacred sites.

Threats to the Roper River and Limmen Bight region are on the increase - proposals for industrial scale dams, pollution from mines, and destructive seabed mining, as well as the devastating impacts of climate change. With the NT Government currently developing the Limmen Bight Marine Park management plan, this is our chance to put long term safeguards in place to protect this iconic region.

This exhibit conveys a strong message - the threats facing the region are real, we must act now and to protect the Roper and Limmen.