Lifestyle and local livelihoods

Territorians enjoy a lifestyle second to none. Despite the heat, locals get outdoors as often as they can – into the bush to camp and into a tinny to fish.

Healthy coasts are central to our treasured Top End way of life and our fishing lifestyle. They are a tourism magnet - core to our economy and local livelihoods.

Northern Australia has some of the last healthy tropical coastline in the world. Our cultural landscapes are internationally renowned, and tourists travel great distances to experience our Top End icons.

We have an incredible diversity and abundance of marine life. Fishing and wildlife tours are core to our local economy, generating jobs and supporting local businesses. Yet, there are so many more opportunities still to be explored for coastal tourism.

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Take Action

The Top End’s fishing is amazing, but places such as Darwin Harbour are not as good as they used to be. Pollution is damaging our beaches and coasts. Mangroves are being destroyed. Industrialisation is on the agenda.
Ask Territory leaders to help protect our Top End way of life and secure the health of our coasts for the future.

Dear Territory leaders,

The Territory’s unique way of life depends on the health of the great outdoors. There are, however, threats to our coasts that your action now will help to prevent permanently damaging our treasured lifestyle.

A plan to safeguard the Top End’s coasts is needed now. There are proven solutions on offer, including national parks in the sea, Indigenous Sea Country protected areas, and protecting our coasts to support our fishing lifestyle.

Yours Sincerely,

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